13 Vital Inquiries to Ask Your Pool Builder Earlier than Hiring

The decision to build a new house is always a beautiful and joyful event in a family. This means that we are set up in such a way that our budget can support such an expense. Building a house is a serious and extensive job that, in addition to high costs, also brings a lot of stress. When our new house was ready, we started beautifying the garden and realized that the ideal would be to build a swimming pool. Provided we still have money and enough space to house the pool in the courtyard, the decision to make this investment is a new challenge that lies ahead of us.

Before we start building, ask yourself the following questions:

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1. What will be the purpose of the pool?

You have to answer this first question. Is it just relaxation, light swimming or sunbathing. When we exercise, we need a pool that is larger, regular in shape and deep enough to exercise. Do we have children, how old are they, can they swim and do we need flat and fenced-in places that are intended for them.

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2. Is my garden suitable for a pool?

Is there enough space, hours of sunshine, is the ground stony, sandy … is it flat or has a slope.

3. Where will it be?

The building law has its own rules for the construction and location of the pool. Approval from the responsible authorities is required. Pay attention to installations and pipelines with gas, electricity and water. We must not dig in such a way that the foundations of our own house or that of the neighboring house are damaged.

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4. How will the shape be?

This belongs to both the domain of functionality and aesthetics, so it would be good to consult an expert, look at the offers and ideas and adapt the look of the pool to the style of the house and yard.

5. What materials will you use?

Deciding on the shape and style of the pool will determine the type of material to be used. Make an agreement on who will buy the material, whether the contractor or yourself. Specify the type, quantity and color and buy the material in the places marked. The pool is not made every day, pay more and invest in quality material so that when it is all over you will not regret it. Organize transportation and make sure there is enough space in the yard to stow everything you need. Remove unnecessarily, allow unhindered access to construction machinery.

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6. How long have you been in business?

It is necessary to familiarize yourself in detail and thoroughly with the previous projects that the people you wish to engage on have worked on. They have to document their claims, show you photos, describe their experiences and prove their expertise.

7. Do you have any recommendations?

Reputable contractors, like pool builders, don’t mind getting in touch with their previous clientele. To ensure how satisfied they are with the end product, the price, the skill level of the work, and the length of the entire undertaking. If you visit the website of reputable pool builders like capitalcountrypools.com.au, you will immediately see the testimonials page.

Source: Build It Magazine

8. How much will it all cost?

It is very important to reach an agreement on the price of the work at the beginning, calculate the likely cost and leave a part for unforeseen situations. Define clearly and do not allow any hidden costs, improvisations or subsequent price increases.

9. Do I get a guarantee and how long does it last?

The guarantee is also an important point in the agreement and decision on the selection of the team. Anyone who is sure of their competence can easily submit a written and certified guarantee. This builds trust and confidence that if something goes wrong, we can turn back.

Source: Clarity Pool Service

10. Do you meet special requirements?

If we have special requirements and a sufficient budget, we have to agree this in advance. It is neither wise nor practical to waste time and money explaining what you want afterwards. It is possible that not everyone is up to our aesthetic ideas, so it is necessary to work out plans that affect our wishes in detail and present them at the beginning of the work.

11. Are you insured?

The insurance company spoke of the seriousness of a company. Someone who cares about the health and wellbeing of their team can expect maximum commitment and a good reputation with customers and competitors. Here, too, an inquiry is necessary, because an accident at work, especially an undeclared seasonal worker, can bring you trouble, costs and significant problems with the law and the inspection.

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12. What is the deadline for completing the work?

We are interested in the date and completion of the work from the start. Long life with a pile of earth, dust, excavators and gardeners does not suit anyone. There are always unforeseen events and complications, changes in the field plan, but the approximate deadline by which the pool must be ready is required.

13. What will the collaboration look like?

This is by no means to be ignored. There are people whom we trust from the start, who keep promises, deadlines, contracts. It’s easy for us to communicate and collaborate with them. Of course, there are those who are more nonsensical in everything, although that does not mean that they are bad and unprofessional workers. It would be ideal to combine the characteristics of capable, hardworking employees and our quality communication with them. Although there would be a misunderstanding or a conflict, one should not increase tension and widen the conflict, but on the contrary calm the passions and try to bring everything into a constructive agreement.

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Building a pool requires patience, money, and the ability to negotiate and express your own ideas and demands. We need to think carefully about what we want, not change our minds and change plans while working. Some things may not be what we imagined. Not because of someone’s incompetence, but simply because of the dictates of the industry or something else. Something can be even better, more beautiful and more functional. We have to wait for that wonderful day to jump into our personal pool, swim, sunbathe, sip lemonade and enjoy our great endeavor that we have finally completed.