7 Indicators Your Pool Builder Would possibly Be Scammy or Simply Plain Incompetent

Today there are more and more victims of fraud and incompetent designers. The main reason is that customers tend to be naive. There are many scammers who present themselves as experts but in fact they are not licensed and no one has heard of them. Of course, such things can be verified and will never show confidence unless you have a basis to do so. Fraudulent pool builders have become a common occurrence and therefore it is important to take every precaution.

Otherwise, you could lose thousands of dollars and a large chunk of your yard. Really horrible things happen to people just because they haven’t done enough research on the company they’ve worked with. Things like that happen, and that’s why we don’t believe everything they tell us. Take these facts into account and read a short list that can help you spot fraud in a timely manner.

1. Money in advance

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If your potential pool builder insists that you give them money before the job is done, you should stop working with them. It really can be an expert who just has his own business system, but you can also take risks and awkward situations happen to you. For example, he may end up doing a very bad job or disappearing with money. You never know, because an expert like this certainly won’t inspire confidence in you.

2. Failure to comply with the agreement

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For example, after all the precautions, you have managed to name all the requirements and the pool builder is ready to meet them. With both sides agreed, it is time to sign the agreement. Sometimes you may find that most of your requirements are not on the list and then this happens … The pool builder is trying to convince you that everything is fine and telling you that eventually he will make sure everything is as it is You agreed. Think about why your desires are not listed and how much you can actually trust a person who has not complied with you.

Of course you can’t. There are few such experts who live up to what they have said. Most of them are not responsible enough if they haven’t done this formal part well. Such pool builders can only tell you in the end that they didn’t include these add-ons in the price. That way you have twice the cost.

3. Lack of license and work permit

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This type of profile pool creator will most likely tell you that they don’t need a work permit. They may even give you a worthless piece of paper, but don’t fall for it. Every real expert has all the necessary documents on the basis of which you can trust them. You should therefore find out more about the company before agreeing to work with them.

4. Additional costs

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In order to avoid paying additional costs in the middle of your work, it is best to find out in good time. For example, you can start work and the pool builder suddenly needs additional material. There may be various reasons. He will likely complain about the poor condition of the yard or make up a problem with the installation, tools, etc. You can save yourself this by asking the company to estimate the location you will be placing the pool and a detailed work plan. It is a way of protecting yourself against material and costs. Anyway, reputable companies give you the ability to predict costs. You should definitely use this to avoid unpleasant surprises.

5. Unknown pool builder

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Usually people research the company before contacting it. They usually use ratings or recommendations as the easiest and fastest type of test. Visitkompasspools.com.au and see what the rating area should look like. However, don’t always trust the recommendations; just look online just in case. If you simply can’t find comments or valid information about the company, your best bet is to stay away. If the situation is like this and nobody has heard from this company, we are sure that they cannot provide you with what you need. Anyway, the best way to review a company is to look for its license.

That way, you can be absolutely sure that they are legal and responsible. Another thing to keep in mind is good comments. They are desirable, but not the only authoritative ones. You cannot rely on them alone. There are a million ways for a company to remove them in time so you don’t find them, or to prohibit these types of comments. Danger.

6. Unrealistic discount

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We all like to buy at low prices, which is why we enjoy discounts. They mostly motivate us to buy, etc. However, when investing in such a large project, there is one thing to keep in mind. A pool builder who gives you a very deep like can be questionable. Of course there are cheaper alternatives for some plants and each company has its own labor policy. On the other hand, it can be a sign of poor quality. Remember, every business’s goal is to make a profit. This can mean that if you agree to this discount, you will get extremely poor quality.

7. Bad portfolio

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Every seasoned expert should have plenty of evidence of their previous work. Don’t hesitate to insist that you get every pool design they create from the company because if they are really professional they will be honored to show you. However, if all you get is an old fashioned website with a few simple photos, you might be suspicious. Remember, you need an experienced company that has previously successfully designed and built.


So fraud can really cost you dearly. This doesn’t just apply to the money you paid to the company that cheated on you. In addition, you have to pay new experts to fix the damage they did to you and it can be serious. The incompetent is no better than the deceitful, remember. We hope that we have helped you find out in good time whether you are dealing with a real or fake pool builder.