After being busted once more, a neighborhood pool contractor pleads responsible and walks out of court docket after paying fines

Wednesday 20th November 2019

News 12 at 6 a.m. / NBC at 7 a.m.

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WRDW / WAGT) – We have an I-Team update on the man who started our entire investigation into bad pool contractors more than a year and a half ago.

As soon as we started digging, mug shots and court dates piled up.

We tried to speak to Chastagner after the hearing. We exchanged a few words on the courthouse stairs, but while he doesn’t seem to have the money to pay his victims, he had it to pay the county.

“I’ve tried to speak to you before,” Chastagner said. “You lost my trust, okay?”

“You lied to me,” our Meredith Anderson replied. “You lied to me. You sent me pictures of happy customers, and none of those customers said they were happy.”

These Aiken County customers had unfinished pools.

Did Chastagner want to say something to these victims?

“No, but you’re like a bad ex-girlfriend,” Chastagner said to Anderson. “You just can’t get enough attention. Can you?”

That was the last time we spoke to Chastagner. Today in Columbia County we started exactly where we left off.

“You know I want to talk to you,” Anderson said to Chastagner.

“I know you said,” Chastagner replied.

“Do you want to say something?” Said Anderson.

“I think you can’t get me out of your head,” said Chastagner.

“I can’t get you out of my head? No, you just keep coming back to court, ”said Anderson.

“We’re done,” said Chastagner. “You will get a reaction. Do not worry. “

And we’ll get a few more words in a few minutes. But first, let’s talk about Thursday in court. It had to do with two quotes that cited both qualifications as specialist contractors. So he was not qualified – no worker comp and no bond.

It’s not the first time Chastagner isn’t up to date. When our I-Team started investigating his work – or lack of it – we came to Carlo Bono’s backyard. At this point, we have detected 12 violations related to three different pool projects in Columbia County.

“Personally,” said Bono, “I would like to see him in jail.”

Instead, Chastagner was fined. He paid the county and got back to work. That’s exactly what happened again today, and that’s what he told us when he left the courthouse.

However, Chastagner pleaded guilty.

“It’s easier for the county to fined, get the money, and then sentence them to jail, which costs the county,” said Bono.

Retired intelligence agent Bill Cravens would love to see his money.

“I have a judgment for him in this courtroom for $ 9,000,” said Cravens.

Did Cravens get any of that money?

“Ah, let’s see. Nothing, ”said Cravens.

But Cravens said that while researching Chastagner almost 10 years ago, he found nothing – nothing; No red flags so he hired him.

Now he’s saying that at least our I-Team investigation serves as a warning.

“Everyone Googles their name, it will come,” said Cravens. “And you really have to be careful. Caution.”

It was another day in court that Chastagner went away.

Chastagner could have gone to jail for 60 days, but the judge allowed him to pay a total of $ 700 in fines, and since he paid it today, he doesn’t even need to be on parole.

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