Arizona pool firm finds it laborious to fill job opens forward of summer season months

Despite the incentives, the pool company is finding it difficult to hire workers

Chad Nikkel, owner of Aquaman Pools, says he offers fully paid health care, four weeks of paid vacation, and a signing bonus, but he still has a hard time filling open positions in his own organization.

There is a fire in Arizona and many people are ready to make good use of their pool. However, in 2021, people may have a hard time getting someone to maintain their pool, as officials at a pool service company in the Phoenix area say the home services industry is struggling to recruit.

Chad Nikkel, who owns Aquaman Pools, has been in the business for several years. In all his years of experience, it has never been so difficult for him to find people who could work for his company.

“We offer 100% paid health care. The employee pays none of it, we pay 100% of it. We offer four weeks of paid vacation as an Aquaman Pools employee. We have a $ 1,000 signing bonus,” said Nikkel of the benefits his company offers to workers.

Despite all of this, Nikkel says he can’t find any employees. He currently has six vacancies and the number of applicants is bleak.

“Before the pandemic, we’re testing 20 to 30 applications a week,” said Nikkel. “Now, after the pandemic or the current pandemic, we’re looking closer to two. One or two, maybe three a week.”

Aquaman Pools offers pool service, repairs and remodeling. The company looks after well over 1,000 pools per week. With the staff shortage, it is difficult to keep up, according to Nikkel.

“We’re doing pretty well, but we have to accelerate,” said Nikkel. “We can no longer achieve this repair the next day as we used to. Our schedule continues into the future.”

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