Atlanta Pool Firm Bustles to Meet Excessive Demand For In-Floor Swimming Swimming pools

Ron Coker, Jr.

Our quality pools provide the indulgence and stress relief needed in these tough times, adds Ron Coker.

The Covid pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. A significant result; We spend more time at home working, but we are also looking for recreational activities at home. While vacation is on hold, cocooning is very popular.

So it’s no wonder people are investing heavily in their home environment, including home improvement such as remodeling and landscaping, and outlets for family entertainment. Backyard swimming pools are particularly attractive because they offer both virus protection and a healthy outlet for family fun and exercise.

The resulting high demand in the entire construction industry, however, exceeds supply, material and labor. This is especially true for the swimming pool industry. Ron Coker Jr., President and Owner of Artistic Pools, stated, “Our lead time to build a new custom pool is five to six months. Artistic Pool’s focus on quality and craftsmanship means that we cannot compromise on shortening delivery dates. “The turnaround time also depends on the municipality and the homeowner’s obtaining the building permit.

Artistic Pools, Inc. is a third generation family business founded in 1957. The company is known for its innovative pool designs, high quality materials and craftsmanship. Artistic Pools has received numerous awards, including the Consumers’ Choice Award for Business Excellence.

2020 was the most successful year in the company’s history, and it looks like 2021 will repeat the trend. “Our quality pools provide the indulgence and stress relief you need in these difficult times,” adds Ron Coker.

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