Bergen County NJ Agency Wins 2013 Finest Inground Swimming Pool Design Award

Best Luxury Inground Swimming Pools Bergen County NJ

Cipriano Landscape Design of Bergen County, New Jersey, was awarded the prestigious Best in Competition award to highlight the company’s success in complex design and implementation of the groundbreaking violin pool in Bedford, NY.

On Friday, October 18, 2013, the Northeast Spa and Pool Association, known throughout the pool industry as “NESPA,” held its annual Award of Excellence Dinner and Celebration at the pool builder from New York, Pennsylvania , Connecticut, and New Jersey were recognized for their accomplishments over the past few years in designing and building custom underground swimming pools. This year there were nearly 200 entries for the competition and several coveted awards were given to a select group of exclusive pool builders who had outstanding skills in the design, construction and implementation of luxury pool facilities. This year, Cipriano Landscape Design of Bergen County, New Jersey (NJ) was awarded the prestigious Best in Competition award (second in five years) for the company’s success in complex design and implementation of the groundbreaking Bedford , NY, to highlight, violin pool. The builder of the violin pool has been recognized by many worthy prize candidates for his unique approach to the project, but above all for his attention to detail. The violin pool is equipped with the latest technology and every single detail of the pool has been specifically engineered and tested to ensure a high level of operation.

Initially, the pool was completed with nearly half a million iridescent glass tiles, the bottom of which is a custom gradient blend that blends in all directions, unlike most gradient glass tile blends that can only blend in two directions when working from a center line. To do this, the staff’s landscape architects had to first map each sheet of tile and then, during the installation, hire a person to ensure that the tile color was properly mixed and correctly transferred to the walls for almost two months. The design of the swimming pool also includes two ponds that resemble the “bow” of the violin. The ponds contain transparent acrylic plates in the “neck” of the violin, which give the swimmer the opportunity to look into the two koi ponds filled with fish.

The pool is also equipped with an automated control system with which the homeowner can control every pool function from his iPhone from anywhere in the world. With this system, the homeowner has access to music, light, water chemistry, flow rates and other pool and landscape functions at all times. The pool also has an underwater surround sound system that allows the underwater swimmer to continuously listen to music. The audio system is also synchronized with the fiber optic lights in the “strings” of the violin via a computer. This lighting display contains 5760 strands of fiberglass that are flawlessly intertwined through the glass tiles and then connected with 40 lighting cables. “Every aspect of this pool is designed to involve the user,” said Chris Cipriano, President of Cipriano Landscape Design. “The combination of fiberglass strands and glass tiles was extremely challenging and, to our knowledge, has not yet been attempted in the pool industry.”

The violin pool is an exact replica of a Stradivarius violin from the 18th century. In order to resemble the violin down to the smallest detail, the pool contains relevant elements such as tuning pegs, upper and lower fights, f-holes, purflings and strings. Even the neck of the violin cymbal has glass tiles that are darker in color, which represents the darker wood commonly observed on the neck of a traditional violin. This pool is truly the first of its kind on display in the industry.

This exclusive pool also won NESPA’s Gold Award for “Glass Tiled Pools”, the “People’s Choice Award” and the “Exceptional Recognition for Design & Build Award” for its enterprising design and intricate installation. The Cipriano team faced a variety of design and implementation challenges. However, due to the joint team effort and great experience, it was able to overcome every obstacle to create this unique luxury swimming pool.

About Cipriano Landscape Design:

The 14-time international award winner Cipriano Landscape Design is celebrating its 24th anniversary and differs from all other swimming pool and landscaping companies through its many years of experience. The Mahwah, NJ company offers more than just pool installation. A recognized national leader in custom landscaping, commercial, masonry, swimming pools, and water features, the New Jersey company has been providing full remodeling since 2001. With a design office headed by 15 year old veteran William Moore, Certified Landscape Architect, the Cipriano team has received 80 awards since 2006 and was named one of the Top 50 Pool Builders in 2013 by Pool And Spa News.

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