Couple’s Yard Oasis Goals Dashed By Disappearing Pool Builder – CBS Dallas / Fort Price

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BURLESON (CBS11) – Angela and Kristie Paul can hardly stand looking at their backyard.

A large eight foot deep pit the size of a swimming pool is all they see.

“I don’t want to cry in front of the camera.” said Kristie during an interview with CBS11.

The couple said they dreamed of creating a personal oasis with a pool, waterfall, and tanning ledge.

In February, they hired Bryan Pierce of Clearwater Pools and More.

When construction began on March 8, Angela was so excited that she documented it on Facebook Live.

“This is digging our swimming pool,” she said to friends, showing an excavation team at work.

They went on vacation three days later.

They said they paid Pierce the second of three installments for the work.

“Twenty-nine thousand, six hundred dollars is what he got,” said Kristie.

When they returned, they found that work had stopped.

The Pauls said Pierce told them the city’s approval process is holding back progress.

“Lies after lies after lies,” said Kristie.

A city worker confirmed to CBS11 that they had not even given permission to start construction.

“Little did the city know we had a huge hole in our back yard,” said Kristie.

The couple said Pierce has since disappeared.

Neither he nor his attorney returned calls from CBS11, and a woman at the given company address claimed she knew nothing about Pierce or Clearwater Pools.

The walls of the pit have now started to erode and after last week’s rain it turned into a muddy mess.

The Pauls are digging into their pension funds now, hoping to fix them up by summer.