DIY present options Palm Desert pool builder

If you are looking for a sophisticated, over the top pool that will grab people’s attention, turn to pool builder Jim Bellamy.

The general manager of California Pools in Palm Desert knows how to do it and will show off his skills in the swimming pool in a new show called “Pool Kings”.

On May 30th at 9 p.m. on the DIY Network channel, Bellamy will be performing on a pilot alongside Mike Baldasare, one of his longtime friends who is the general manager of the California Pools in Irvine.

If the show proves popular and the duo are worthy hosts, six more episodes with pool construction in the Coachella Valley could be ordered.

“It’s kind of cool,” Bellany said of the experience. “I am really very proud of the pilot.”

Bellamy said he was approached for the DIY network about the outdoor living show – something he says is different from other outdoor living construction shows.

“This is more of a start to finish of the build show and it shows more of what we are doing as an industry. I think this is going to be more like how it really happens,” he said of his pilot.

Filming a DIY Network pilot named

Three other pool builders from across the country – Oklahoma, Arizona, and Tennessee – were also approached to help create pilots as well.

Bellamy and Baldasare shot the pilot in Las Vegas. Filming began in September and was completed in November. He believes California Pools was chosen to participate because of their reach – they have 26 different offices and work in eight different states. When your pilot is picked up, you will have many locations in different states to choose from.

The hosting duo grew up together in the pool industry and have a natural relationship and friendship that Bellamy believes show producers picked up and cherished.

“We’ve known each other for 30 years. They liked the jokes and camaraderie,” he said.

Filming a DIY Network pilot named

During Bellamy’s 30-minute pilot, Pool Kings will showcase all of the fun and drama involved in building an extremely 2,000-square-foot pool with spa, fire, and water features, and some additional custom accessories.

If they get the green light, Bellamy says they could start filming their next episode in La Quinta in late June. He believes the show will not only feature the Coachella Valley, but it will also be a boon to his pool company and pool construction in general.

He described the experience as “super fun” but also as “nerve wracking”, especially when the camera was pointed at him. Bellamy now has a newfound appreciation for actors.

“It was totally exciting, totally different,” he said. “What I realized on TV is … it’s a lot harder than I expected.”

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