Greater than a dozen households complain pool firm proprietor failed them

It all started with a tip on our WHAS11 Facebook page.


More than a dozen families said a pool company owner failed to build them the pools he said he would and it cost them.

One of those customers is Will Sacca from Munfordville. He said he paid PrismCore Pools $ 47,762 to build their family pool, with three checks between October 2018 and May this year. He told us he’ll have to pay thousands of dollars more for repairs and plans to work with three other contractors to fix everything from concrete to pool liner.

“We just want to keep going,” Sacca said.

He told WHAS11 that there was never a date in his contract that the pool would be ready and he had trouble getting information. He blamed George Raymond Hagan Jr., the owner of PrismCore Pools in Mammoth Cave. Sacca said he and his family are now working with a lawyer to get their money back.

“It breaks your heart,” said lawyer Justin Baird. These people saved their hard earned money to build a pool for family and friends and at the end of the day they didn’t. “

On October 8, Hagan turned into the Warren County Sheriff’s office for theft related to another pooling contract. According to Sheriff Brett Hightower, a woman wrote a check for $ 12,761 to Hagan to have a pool installed after seeing his ads on Facebook. This customer said Hagan ignored her and did not respond when she asked for her money back. According to court records, Hagan said he could not start work on the contract due to rain and a blocked driveway. He is expected to appear in court on November 18 on charges against him.

Court records show he was convicted of theft in Hardin County in 2011. These records show that Louisville-based Hagan Superior Pool Products wrote a check for payment for goods and services, knowing he could not pay. Superior Pool Products informed us that Hagan has a checking account for his company PrismCore Pools with them. He bought $ 21,000 worth of products this year with no problem.

We tried to contact Hagan directly and didn’t get through. But we contacted his attorney, Matthew Baker. He told us he was going to prosecute his client, saying that some people may owe money but others owe Hagan.

Sacca is now part of a Facebook group called “Victims of Prism Core Pools”. According to the group’s owner and statements from several members, 14 people from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Illinois said Hagan took between $ 12,000 and $ 75,000 and left some with a hole in the ground that they couldn’t use.

We unearthed a story broadcast on WHAS11 back in January 2011 that also mentions Hagan.

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Customers complained about his company, then known as Southern Kentucky Pools, and went out of business before completing their pools.

We have reached out to Kentucky’s Secretary of State to confirm that the same person is behind both companies. They told us that they have no record of PrismCore Pools as it is not a registered business. And they said George Raymond Hagan is the owner of Southern Kentucky Pools. The Kentucky attorney general said it received four complaints about Hagan’s new company.

“I don’t want this to happen to any other family,” Sacca said.

Hagan’s lawyer told us that his client was an honest businessman. According to records and discussions with customers, Hagan was absent during much of the construction of their pools. Customers said most of the work was done by subcontractors and newly hired staff and was not what they ordered.

According to Kentucky’s Attorney General’s Office, anyone who needs to file a consumer complaint can do so on their website at For further assistance, please call the consumer protection hotline at 888-432-9257. Click here for a direct link to the online.

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