Greensboro pool firm faces scarcity of employees, supplies as hotter climate sparks extra demand

GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) – Many of you are likely hot and desperate to hit the water. If you think a garden pool is a good idea, get in line.

A high demand for pools leads to waiting times in our region until spring 2022.

BCM swimming pool owners in Greensboro are working overtime to keep up with the surge in requests. They believe long days at home and canceled vacations sparked keen interest in building a pool in the backyard.

“We sometimes work six to seven days a week to keep up because the demand is so high, but we’re very grateful. I’d rather be busy all the time than have nothing to do, ”said Lisa Sweet.

Hot weather is pushing the Piedmont Triad with highs near 90 leading to a cooler weekend

Sweet’s husband and business partner, Charles Powers, faces several challenges. For one thing, materials are harder to find.

“New pool kits, if you ordered one today it wouldn’t be here until October,” Powers said.

He says what hurts them more than supply shortages is the labor shortage.

“We lost five people who were working so we could really use some help. That would be great, ”said Sweet.

The family business was cut in half to partner with a skeleton crew and get the job done.

The race now is to hire more people to help them keep up with all of the builds in the books for the next year.

They say the bulk of their requests for new homes come from Lewisville, Clemmons, and Summerfield.

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