House Enchancment Information 2021: Ask a pool builder

For the Home Improvement Guide 2021, the Community Impact Newspaper spoke to local experts about ways to make renovations a success. (Employee of the Community Impact newspaper)

With the heat in Texas, pool builders are overwhelmed with work. Andrew Legro, owner of Coastal Oasis Pools, has tips for pool owners.

What’s the biggest hurdle for people looking to install a pool at home?

There are permits and restrictions within the city limits that must be followed. The main obstacle right now is that every pool builder has more work than they can handle and a shortage of materials. Gunite, [a mixture of sand, water and cement that is applied in layers using a specialized spray gun], was the biggest problem. So many pools are being built and only so many Gunite companies. COVID-19 has created a material shortage that results in pools being incomplete for longer than normal.

What are some tips for pool owners to keep their pools and filters clean?

When a homeowner maintains their own pool, keeping an eye on the water chemistry and equipment maintenance is imperative. It becomes very expensive and time consuming if a pool is neglected for even a week. A good Taylor K2005 test kit [is a good tool to test the pool’s water chemistry]. YouTube is a great tool for tutorials on how to run tests and what chemicals to use to customize chemistry.

What should pool owners never do about pool maintenance?

Working outside of their capabilities. Trying to do it yourself to save money sounds great, but the problem can get worse and be a lot more costly.