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WEST MIFFLIN (KDKA) – It’s a sign that makes you wonder what lawsuit? Which pool company? Who could be so mad?

Marty Griffin of KDKA found the answers to all of these questions in Sue Grandillo’s backyard in West Mifflin.

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“I want to cry,” she said. “It’s awful, it’s awful.”

A mud-filled hole in the ground, a kind of pool, should be completed last year. A Christmas present for the family.

“You give your kids a Christmas present, wrap a raft and tell them you’re getting a built-in pool. You’ve waited over a year now and you have to see that every day,” Grandillo said.

Grandillo indicates cracks in the pool cement. There are bulges in the side cement all over the pool, lumps of cement falling – a ladder she claims wasn’t installed properly. It’s a pool of problems and a contractor she says has walked away.

“I want him to show up and man himself, do the job and rebuild my pool or give me my money back,” Grandillo said.

The pool builder is Ed Bakosh Jr. Bakosh is the owner of Skyview Pools, a reputable company that has been run by his father for decades. Now Bakosh is the boss.

Bakosh refused to speak to us on camera and didn’t want to return calls. His lawyer refused to speak to KDKA as well, so we tried to speak to Bakosh in his shop.

Marty Griffin from KDKA: “Are you calling the police? Is ed there? “

Employee: “No he is not.”

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You called the police.

Meanwhile, the Grandillo family took it to court.

Five months ago, an arbitrator ordered Skyview Pools and the cement contractor to pay nearly $ 15,000 to the Grandillo family and ordered Skyview to finish the pool. The grandillos have to pay for it, they are ready. But Bakosh has appealed and it is now on trial.

“It was a nightmare here,” said Vince Grandillo.

Vince worked in the mills for years, saving his money and paying for the pool with his retirement money.

“I just wanted a pool my grandson could swim in,” he said.

The plan is to fight until there is a pool. They plan to put up more signs and even buy a billboard across from Skyview Pools that works similarly: “Skyview Pools, Just Another Nightmare Job”.

What’s particularly confusing about this case is that Skyview Pools has a good reputation. You only have three complaints in three years with the Better Business Bureau. Only one, this one, is unsolved. And they lost the arbitration hearing but refused to reach an agreement.

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