Householders Out 1000’s When Pool Firm Closes its Doorways – NBC 6 South Florida

Hans Stahl and his partner named NBC 6 replies after weeks of no response from their pool contractor.

“We contacted him and said we were ready to go,” said Hans. “And then we never heard from him again.”

In July, Hans and his partner hired Parkwood Pools and Pavers, Inc.

“We recently decided to set up a pool,” said Hans.

They paid an initial deposit of $ 2,875 and an additional $ 400 for a mandatory exam and soil test. Weeks later, when it was time for the company to get to work, Stahl said he couldn’t get anyone out of the company.

Stahl’s project is just one of many. NBC 6 Responds spoke to a handful of other customers in the same situation.

And we found five other homeowners with civil suits in Broward County. In one case, the homeowner said he gave the company more than $ 22,000. In another lawsuit, a homeowner said they paid the company $ 34,000.

And in another lawsuit, another homeowner wrote that they had learned from a company representative that the company was going to close and they would not get their money back.

When we went to the address given for Parkwood Pools and Pavers, Inc., we found an empty office. NBC 6 responses to the person listed as the general contractor for the jobs.

“I’m a W-2 employee and my role as the qualifying agent was to just oversee the jobs,” said Robert Estell.

He said about a year ago that he had been asked to oversee projects and permits.

He believes nearly 40 people had projects going on when the store closed, but he said he didn’t look into the company’s financial affairs and found that the store closed on the same day as the customers.

“They did an audit and said we were going to close the store without telling the staff, the customers and even myself,” said Estell.

We reached out to the person listed on the government records as the company’s finance officer.

He told us, “It’s not a case where money has been stolen from the owners.” He continued, “The company lost money on new pools that had been built for years.”

He referred us to the owner who we reached over Skype.

Oleksandr Savchuk told us because of a language barrier that he had to answer questions via email.

Our questions about what happened to the client’s money went unanswered, but he emailed us saying he believes he was “the victim of a scam that grieved my family and made our clients unhappy” . He didn’t answer questions about the type of scam he was referring to.

Customers like Hans Stahl now have to find out what to do next.

“It’s frustrating, it’s wrong, it’s just wrong for people to be able to do this to homeowners, and I find it sad that it came to that,” said Hans.

Estell says he met with a group of homeowners who are currently stalling projects and tried to connect them with contractors willing to complete the projects for an additional fee. Estell is featured in a number of civil lawsuits.