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With the warm summer days nearing the end and the crisp fall weather looming, now may be the perfect time to put a pool maintenance appointment on the calendar or even take the plunge and hire someone to break the ground and install the perfect pool you’ve always dreamed of.

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Like anything worth it, pools need regular maintenance and care. However, it is not enough just to pick someone to do this maintenance or even the job of designing and installing your brand new pool.

Installing and maintaining a pool takes patience, but that’s not all – if you want to hire a pool builder to build or maintain it, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that you can make the trip stressful and dramatic. free as possible. Follow these five tips to find the right pool builder.

1. Get it in writing

Finding a pool builder is one thing, but coming to terms with all of the details you brainstormed for your pool (in person or over the phone) is another. Talk to the contractor and have them explain all the steps required to complete the task. This can include:

  • Excavation work
  • Site preparation
  • Equipment needed
  • Pool and landscaping
  • Maintenance and repair costs
  • Manpower
  • Time needed to complete the work
  • Any required permits or permits required prior to work
  • Price and payment plan

All of this must be documented and agreed in writing to protect you and the contractor. Ask the contractor if they have a standard contract that can be customized to complete the proposed job.

2. Inquire about insurance

Things happen in personal and pool affairs, and the right attitude is to expect the best and prepare for the worst. Part of any appropriate pool discussion you have with a pool entrepreneur should include an inquiry about what insurance is involved and required. If your pool project is large or extensive, consider insurance that will cover possible damage to your home and property while the work is being carried out, as well as warranty insurance in case something goes wrong after your pool is designed and installed, and your new pool is ready .

With the heavy equipment used to build a pool area on the property, as well as the manpower required to complete the job, any pool contractor that is established should have workers’ compensation insurance as well as property damage liability insurance. Obtain these in writing and review them to make sure they are active before signing on the dotted line and making payments for services.

3. Discuss the payment

You may be asked to pay a deposit before any work on your pool construction begins and this is not necessarily a cause for concern as it is a common practice in the industry to agree on the fees to be paid for completing the work in the agreed upon Period.

Should the work take longer than discussed due to unforeseen reasons such as weather delays or global pandemics, be sure to inquire about additional fees and what they might look like so that you don’t see blindly.

Also, discuss any fee plan that needs to be implemented to keep both you and the contractor happy and, more importantly, that the work is progressing at a comfortable and steady pace. Additional costs for things like plumbing, landscaping, material removal, accessories, tiles, and more may need to be factored into your estimate and cost.

If something goes wrong, paying by credit card, as opposed to a personal check, can provide you with additional protection and recourse should you have to contest a fee for unsatisfactory or incomplete service.

4. Check references and compare costs

You definitely want to hire a pool builder who is qualified to carry out the work and who also has the required screening process, which should include querying and checking references. Speaking to others who have hired a potential pool contractor will provide valuable information about performance, on-time delivery of work, quality of work done, condition of equipment and tools used, prices, and more. Once you have your list of three to five potential sellers, you can take the time (a quick reference interview shouldn’t take more than a few minutes) to place your calls and gather the information you need to make an informed decision hold true.

Just as not all pool contractors are created equal, neither are the prices of services. So take a look around and do a competitive price analysis to see who is offering quality service at a price you are happy with.

5. Ask for recommendations

To find the right contractor, you may simply have to check with friends, family and acquaintances to see if there is anyone in your circle who can suggest a pool contractor for you.

The advantage of putting out your feelers on social media (you can post for referrals on any of your personal or group accounts) is that with a toss of your virtual snippet of information you can find a few local contractors friends or independent freelance contractors on the web.

Take the time to get serious referrals because the more prospects you offer to find a contractor, the better your chances of having your pool serviced by a reputable professional.

It’s a numbers game, but be sure that, despite all the referrals you get, you are still taking the time to do your own research and check out potential pool entrepreneurs before entering into agreements and allowing access to your home.

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