IN YOUR CORNER: Pool firm comes up large for household out hundreds

BLANCHARD, Okla. (KFOR) – A Blanchard family claims they were left up and dry by a pool builder. Months later, others intervened to quit the job.

The last time we met the McDaniels, their back yard was a muddy mess.

“[Our kids] I can’t even play in her yard, ”Lisa McDaniel said in January. “This is just a mess, especially after the snow or rain.”

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Lisa had hoped for a new pool. She found Big League Pools and contractor Casey Coyle online and paid $ 38,000 for the job.

Lots of mud.

But she told our team in January all she got was a muddy pit and a ton of excuses.

“We just kept going, texting him, texting him,” Lisa explained. “He wouldn’t answer for a week, a week and a half, two weeks.”

After our team got involved and Casey’s earnings were up, he received a refund of $ 24,000 for the McDaniels.

That money helped fund a happy little update after Ken Lewis intervened with the Oklahoma Pool and Patio.

“They had been saving for a pool for a long time. I told her before I left that I knew we could help, ”said Ken. “My boys did it on a voluntary basis, they didn’t have to pay – they just jumped in and helped them; I just felt like it was the right thing to do. “

“I want my money,” the staff struggle for the final paychecks after the boutique shutters buy

Reyes also came in to help and donate the specific work.

“They lifted and leveled the dirt,” said Rowdy McDaniel, Lisa’s husband. “It looks really good.”

Photo fits the storyA happy ending.

Now Lisa and Rowdy have to wait for sunnier days. Your two loud boys, Jace and Brody, snuck in a time or two.

“Brody and his friends came home from a baseball game,” Lisa said. “Stripped down to my underwear and submerged, just couldn’t wait.”

But summer is just around the corner and for the McDaniels the pool is a sign of sunnier days.

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