Kiwis spending unused vacation cash on pool set up

A Christchurch family’s European vacation has been halted thanks to Covid-19 and although they will soon stop swimming on the Amalfi Coast, they can now do so in their back yard.

Jaz Thompson said her family should go on their month-long vacation to the continent in early April.

“So it was very little noticed. It was devastating for the kids, but obviously, Covid was far worse for many people than just missing a trip. “

Instead, Thompson and husband Kelvin Mason put the money in an 8 by 4 meter fiberglass pool.

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Digby Sutton (9, left) and Billy Mason cool off their legs in the Thompson-Mason family's new pool.


Digby Sutton (9, left) and Billy Mason cool off their legs in the Thompson-Mason family’s new pool.

“It’s more than a trip that’s safe, it’s almost double, but it’s a great investment,” she said.

While the family will be lounging on Lilos just in time for Christmas, other New Zealanders hoping for the same may be unlucky.

Pool installation companies across the country have long waiting lists, some of which extend until the middle of next year.

They say that unused travel money has been used in many cases for home renovations, including pools.

Auckland-based Precision Pools serving the North Island are expected to wait until March for a new installation.

Spokeswoman Amber Jones said this was a few months longer than usual.

The prices for the upscale concrete pools range from $ 70,000 to over $ 200,000. Extras include fences, gates and lighting.

A pool is being lowered into Christchurch property

Kelvin Mason / things

A pool is being lowered into Christchurch property

It was “very much the case” that people appeared to be installing pools because Covid-19 meant they couldn’t spend money on other things, she said.

“We received a lot of calls, especially after the last level 3 lock.”

The company received a lot of inquiries from people hoping to be able to install a pool before Christmas, which it unfortunately couldn’t, she said.

“Right now we say at least March, if not April.”

Another company in Auckland, Aqua Technics, sees a similar trend.

Manager Sue Stevens said while it was difficult to know how much the number of jobs had increased, inquiries had increased by 30 percent.

“Basically we are absolutely thrilled. I mean, we are always busy, but we are definitely more busy. Someone recently told me they couldn’t go to Fiji this year so they might as well get a pool. “

The company could typically install a pool within two days.

Jaz Thompson and Kelvin Mason enjoy the sun with Stanley, their 6 year old mini schnauzer.


Jaz Thompson and Kelvin Mason enjoy the sun with Stanley, their 6 year old mini schnauzer.

While there may be a “strange place” between now and Christmas, February is more realistic, she said.

“We only really sell in Auckland and I think some people are concerned about another lockdown. When Christmas comes and they can’t go to the beach, they have something to do. “

The company has 20 employees, and most pools cost between $ 55,000 and $ 65,000, with larger ones closer to $ 90,000.

All pool installation companies appeared to be in the same boat, she said.

Fusion Pools pool installer Anton Tonk said it was “pretty invigorating” how much business he’s gotten.

Usually people asked for offers in September, but requests came in as early as July of this year, he said.

The building permit numbers for pools in Auckland, Christchurch and Nelson are roughly the same this year as last year. However, pending orders that have not yet been approved are not taken into account.

  • In an earlier version of this story, Anton Tonk was mistakenly described as the owner of Christchurch’s Lagoon Pools. Lagoon is owned by Warren and Julie Hastings.