Man claims pool builder hasn’t remedied development flaws

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – In today’s Troubleshooters, another customer complains about a local pool builder.

The good news is that the customer and their family can enjoy the pool, but on closer inspection they indicate that there are serious flaws in the pool’s design that need to be addressed that have not yet occurred.

“They said they were bringing an engineer back because of the concrete cracks and they just never showed up,” Gino Giardini told the troubleshooters.

When Giardini and his family moved to Coastal Bend for their job, they bought five acres of land in Odem.

In October 2020, he hired AA Pools of Rockport to build a beautiful 16 x 13 pool in the backyard.

Total cost? $ 53,000

According to Giardini, it has already been paid for in full.

The family can use the pool to relax and cool off in these hot south Texas temperatures, but Giardini says he called the troubleshooters because on closer inspection there are problems with the pool’s construction.

“The biggest problem is, for example, the cracks in the pool. We have to fill the pool at least once a day so that the water stays high,” said Giardini.

He also claims he loses 4-6 inches of water every day due to leaks in the pool. He says there are other problems with the plumbing at the pool. The waterfall is leaking, there are problems with the skimmer and there are cracks in the concrete.

But what really led him to contact the troubleshooters, he says, is an obvious communications breakdown.
He told us that AA won’t call him when he calls them to ask when and how they want to do repairs.

“I just feel like they got paid and I think they are in the next pool.”

As we sat by the pool and heard Giardini’s side of this story, we called AA Pools of Rockport and spoke to Monica Animas, who runs the business with her husband.

She says COVID-19, the big February freeze, not enough aid and nationwide problems with supplies contributed to their inability to respond to the Giardini. But she contradicts his claim that AA Pools didn’t answer his calls.

She provided us with a copy of a text exchange with Giardini on September 7th asking him to give her a call. She claims he didn’t do it until a few days later, but at that point COVID-19 overtook her.

After speaking to us, she texted Giardini to let him know that her husband was leaving another job to go to Odem to see the amount of repairs needed to his pool.

And she told us, “There is no evil will to go back to deal with these issues. We intend to go back and do it. We have integrity.”

She also claims that many of these problems are “the nature of the beast” when it comes to swimming pool construction, but with rain in the weather forecast for the weekend and the backlog of supplies shipped, it will take time to do what Giardini wants done.