Native pool firm is being impacted by chlorine scarcity | Connecticut Information

WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) – Especially when we get ready for summer, a lack of supplies can spoil the fun at the pool.

This time it’s chlorine tablets.

Some companies say that once out, that’s all they have for the season.

Anthony Bruno-Cruz said Waterbury’s Hamilton Park Pool would be his family’s pool during the summer. He was one of the many families who took a dip in the extreme heat on Monday.

In fact, Waterbury’s pools didn’t open until the weekend.

They have all the staff they need and all the chlorine they need.

“Our park manager was ahead of the curve. He ordered things in February. So we expected it, it was a good guess, an educated guess, and it worked to our advantage,” said Victor Cuevas. Waterbury’s manager at Recreation: “Usually it’s full of chlorine at this time of year.”

Not everyone is so lucky, however.

Bob Pecci, owner of Reliable Pools and Spas in Naugatuck, has used up his last supply of chlorine.

He said he had to raise prices and put volume restrictions on customers.

“At the moment there are no 50-pounders, there are almost no more 4-pounders. No 16 pounders. There is almost nothing left, ”he said.

Pecci says this was due to high demand and one of the country’s major chlorine producers was hit hard by Hurricane Laura last year.

He hopes manufacturers can catch up soon.

“It depends on the flow of manufacturers. How they will develop. Are you going to get started yet? Will we make it Who knows, I mean, I hope we can. ”Pecci said.

Now, just because the country is facing chlorine tablets, there are other disinfectants that people can use in their pools as an alternative to chlorine, according to Reliable Pools and Spas.

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