Native pool firm sees a surge in appointments

For many, a pool is more than just a place to relax.

“It’s really great. You can have a lot of good times and good memories,” said pool expert Dan Danley, who works with D and L pools.

Since most public swimming pools are closed, D and L pools have a full schedule.

“Our service calls are very open to openings and new liners,” said Danley.

It’s not all standard maintenance.

The date we agreed to meet was for a family who wanted to install a heater for the pool that was already there.

“People take some of that money and put it into what they already have. They can’t go to public pools and all that,” Danley said.

On April 3, the company received two visits from local police who stated that the company was not considered material.

The company said they worked with state lawmakers to reopen with new precautions.

To keep the team at D and L Pools safe along with the homeowners, they can only text the customers when a staff member arrives so they can stay inside.

D and L Pools also offers the supply of chemicals and mobile laboratory tests.