Our East Finish Consultants Dive In to Pool Set up, Powder Coating & Extra

After the cold winter months, many East Enders are eagerly waiting to jump back into the water. Our pool and powder coating experts would like to give you some useful tips to help you realize the pool and terrace area of ​​your summer dreams.

For readers looking to install a fabulous new pool for the coming summer, Michael Dominici of Long Island Pool and Patio has some tips and suggestions:
Make sure the contractor is properly licensed and insured. If you are looking for a company to build the pool and patio make sure you hire a company that uses 3D imaging for the design process. This way the homeowner can see what the project will look like before starting construction. Tell the designer what you want from a pool and garden – free form or geometric shape? So many shapes are available at this point; it really depends on the client’s preference. We find that most homes in the East End have a rectangular pool. Very traditional and elegant. We are finding that more and more customers want a tanning bar built into the pool. You see her on vacation and want one for her garden.

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AAA Powder Coating’s Curtis Treadwell explains the ins and outs of the powder coating process, dispels some misconceptions, and explains why East Enders should consider it:

After a cold winter, we are all looking forward to the warmer temperatures of summer. Now is the best time to escape the insane summer rush and have your garden furniture refurbished. Why do without your outdoor patio set in the middle of the summer season when you use it the most? Spring is the best time to spice it up! Your garden furniture can show some signs of wear and tear when exposed to the hot summer sun and cold winter temperatures. The UV rays from the sun and the snow and ice of winter can devastate your patio, but that doesn’t mean you can’t undo the damage and powder coating your outdoor items is the best solution.

Powder coatings are available in hundreds of colors and are suitable for outdoor use in direct sunlight. Powder coatings are not like conventional wet coatings – they are much more resistant to the sun’s UV rays, which are known to fade the color over time. So you can choose any color that suits your interior.

A misconception is that powder coating is very expensive. Over time, powder coating is a cheaper process than finishing your patio set with a traditional wet paint, and the surface will last three times longer on average. Another misconception is that powder coatings have limited colors to choose from. Powder coating is available in hundreds of colors.

Here’s the best way to decide if your outdoor patio set is worth a makeover: First, get the cost of powder coating your set, then get an estimate of how much it will cost you, to buy a new replacement set. In most cases, if the kit you want to revamp is of good quality, powder coating will usually cost you between 1/3 and 1/2 the cost of buying a new one.

Cost-effective: Powder coating is a cost-friendly process and over time it is far more cost-effective than wet paint.

Durability: Powder coating is far more durable than other paint options. The finish is more flexible than traditional paint and allows for little bend and flex as your parts vibrate and move. It’s also resistant to scratches, peeling, saltwater corrosion, and paint fading caused by the sun’s UV rays.

Variety of Colors and Textures: One of the best things about powder coating is the ability to fully customize the color and finish. Powder coating powders can be mixed to match an existing color, with the ability to add textures like wrinkles or glitter, and a wide variety of finishes from glossy to matte. Few other paint options can match this range and versatility.

Environmentally friendly: The powder coating process is solvent and other chemical free and generally recognized as safe for use and disposal. The process does not release known harmful chemicals into the atmosphere and creates less overall waste throughout the spraying process.

Overall quality: Both the application and the curing of the powder coating ensure a high quality finish that cannot be compared to any other paint on the market. As the powder melts and flows together, a uniform surface is created over the entire workpiece. In addition, there are no bumps, runs or drips that are common with wet paints.