Pinellas pool firm taking on each day operations for Olympus Swimming pools

TAMPA, Fla. – A pool company in Pinellas County is taking over the day-to-day operations of Olympus Pools amid multiple work-in-progress fraud complaints.

I-Team investigator Jackie Callaway has been following the complaints against Olympus since April.

According to a press release, Pools by Jordan’s Jordan Hidalgo has partnered with Olympus founder James Staten to provide administration and customer support.

“I’ve seen what Olympus customers have been through on the news, but I also know the high quality of Olympus work and their skills. After weeks of negotiations, I am happy to say that we have reached an agreement and we look forward to working to resolve all of this, ”said Hidalgo.


The press release states that Hidalgo will take over administration, accounting, approval, purchasing and customer relations from Tuesday, May 25th. Hidalgo also runs a management consultancy for pool companies called The Pool Consultants.

Staten will continue to operate sales, field service and business development.

Earlier this month, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the Economic Crimes Division is investigating complaints against Olympus that have money taken and work not done. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office and Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office also said that similar allegations are being investigated.

“Everyone should get what they expect and what they paid for, although it will take time,” Hidalgo said in part in a press release.

An Olympus Pools spokesman told ABC Action News that customers can expect direct access to property and improved customer relationships, and those who have been waiting for their pools to start working can count on an earlier start thanks to the new partnership.

“Some things will happen instantly, others will take a little time as we deal with things, but we are ready to get all of these pools done as quickly as possible and work to rebuild the positive image that Olympus has worked hard to make this happen, ”said Hidalgo.