Pool Builder Leads Effort to Create Worldwide Swim Day| Aquatics Worldwide Journal

A manufacturer of residential pools has launched a campaign to set up the International Swimming Day.

In a lightning-fast 10-day campaign, David Penton led the task of launching a GoFundMe page and creating marketing materials for Recognition Day, which is scheduled to take place annually on the first day of summer, June 21st.

As the CEO of Fluid Dynamics Pool and Spa of Fullerton, Calif., Stated in one of his early communications to colleagues, “Today happens to be National Corn-On-The-Cob Day … However, there is no official holiday similar to Is dedicated to swimming. Yes, there is a National Learn to Swim Day, but nothing but the joy of swimming. “

He explained to Aquatics International that the inspiration comes from another sport. “My son and I surf all the time, and about 10 years ago the surf community started International Surfing Day,” he said. “I just read something about it and said, ‘Hey, when is International Swimming Day?'”

With International Learning to Swim Day serving a pivotal purpose, Penton hopes to annually serve as a reminder of the joys of swimming, be it in a pool, lake, or other location. The GoFundMe page has a goal of raising $ 5,000, which has almost been achieved. These donations were used to initiate social media campaigns, create videos, secure a website URL and finance the future development of the website. So far, the Olympic gold medalist Kaitlin Sandeno has committed herself and made the day known to her Instagram followers.

Penton even hopes to appear on Good Morning America to raise awareness.

All donations over $ 5,000 that are earmarked for creating and promoting International Swimming Day will go to the National Drowning Prevention Alliance.

To celebrate, the organizers ask swimming enthusiasts to post pictures and videos of themselves and their swimming loved ones.

In future iterations of the special day, when Penton and the team had more time to plan and organize, they expect to use the day to promote not only the fun of swimming, but also the health benefits and safety of swimming . They hope the effort is cross-industry and has already worked with a prominent SCUBA organization.

Additionally, he hopes the day will help increase pool ownership.

“Who buys swimming pools? Swimmers buy swimming pools, ”he said. “If you can’t swim, you probably won’t buy a pool.”

Visit the International Swim Day Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/International.Swim.Day/ to connect with the effort.