Pool Liner Firm, LOOP-LOC, Shares Ideas for Getting Rid of Algae Progress in an Inground Swimming Pool

LOOP-LOC, manufacturer of pool liners for New Jersey, LOOP-LOC, provides tips on how to get rid of algae growth in an underground swimming pool.

Nothing can ruin a bathing experience faster than the presence of algae – which threatens to discolor the crystal clear water and stick to the sides of the pool. Here are some tips to help remove algae.

Use enough chlorine. Green pool water or visible clumps of algae are signs that a pool does not contain enough chlorine. Shock the pool with a large dose of chlorine – twice as much as a regular shock – to kill existing algae and restore the pool water to a hygienic state. The pool shock works within one to three days, depending on the state of the water. If the water is extremely cloudy, use three times as much. With the pool filter running, add the shock absorber directly to the perimeter of the pool. For vinyl lined pools, pour the damper into a bucket of pool water first to prevent bleaching. Remember, liquid chlorine will explode and create corrosive gas if it touches chlorine tablets or granules. Do not pour liquid chlorine into the pool skimmer or anything that contains these products.

Brush the walls and bottom of the pool. Brush the bottom and sides of the pool vigorously to remove as much algae as possible. Pay close attention to the pool steps, behind ladders, and other corners where algae can build up. Use nylon brushes for vinyl-lined pools and steel brushes for concrete.

Adjust the pH of the pool. Measure the pH of the water with a swimming pool pH test kit. If the pH is above 7.6, it indicates an algal bloom. Add a pH reducer such as sodium bisulfate to the pool to get a reading between 7.2 and 7.6. Kits that use droppers are tablets that are more accurate than paper test strips.

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