Swimming Pool Builder and Household Provide Assist Throughout Borders| Aquatics Worldwide Journal

Photo courtesy of the Lovett family

They say you have no idea what real poverty is until you visit a third world country and see it in person. This was a lesson Keith Lovett and his family had learned firsthand.

Lovett’s friend founded Point of Impact, an organization that feeds, educates and provides medical care for Honduran children living in poverty. The organization was relatively new, so it was functioning with some children at this point about six years ago. The group brought some of the children to the United States to enjoy an American Christmas. Presents were given from a sledge made with a trailer pulled by a truck. The children rode horses and played on fitness machines.

Lovett, his wife, Mary Helen, and their daughter, Samantha, wanted to get more involved. “My family and I just fell in love with these kids and saw what was going on,” said the president of Hawaiian Pools, a buildings, services, and retail company in Memphis, Tenn. “So we went to Tegucigalpa in Honduras ourselves and saw it.”

Photo courtesy of the Lovett family

That visit was a wake up call. “It changed my views dramatically,” says Lovett. “Until you see it for yourself, you can hardly explain it. It’s so bad. I feel a little spoiled. “

POI is now helping 650 children. Each child receives daily medical treatment, lessons through sixth grade, and a meal to help them process their education. The organization hopes to position these children for graduation so that they can lead better lives as adults in a society where only about 20% see this educational achievement.

For the past several years, Lovett has been running one golf tournament in Jacksonville, Tennessee, and he’s helping out another in Memphis. The tournaments collectively raise approximately $ 150,000 for the POI.

Lovett and his family also visit Honduras about once a year – more for Samantha, who is a University of Kentucky Nursing and Spanish student, in part to support her future with more missionary work.

The pool industry was moved by this work. About half of golf tournament revenues come from pool / spa companies. United Aqua Group purchasing group recently donated $ 10,000 to POI, one of the organization’s largest single donations.

“We are very happy to be in such a great industry and to work with people like Keith who are ready to give so much back to people in need around the world,” said Craig Goodson, vice president of sales and business development for UAG based in Las Vegas.