Swimming pool firm seeks staycation designer after gross sales explosion

The lockdown and uncertainty over the summer vacation has resulted in a business boom for a UK company that is now recruiting a staycation designer to meet demand.

Compass Pools, based in Sussex, saw home pool orders up 600% as millions of us prepare to spend our summer holidays in the UK, with Swimming Pools becoming one of the top 10 Googled products in the UK.

To meet the increased demand, the company is currently on a recruiting offensive that could also help those laid off from the travel industry.

Compass Pools made headlines last year after designing a one-of-a-kind, death-defying swimming pool that sits 200 meters above the London skyline.

Managing Director and pool designer Alex Kemsley says the cost of building a basic home pool starts at £ 60,000 and can be installed in just 17 days. So the British desire to have their own piece of paradise doesn’t just have to be a pipe dream.

He said: “The uncertainty over coronavirus means that thousands of UK vacationers have postponed their overseas vacation plans and are choosing to stay in the UK instead.

“We have seen a sharp increase in inquiries and orders for swimming pools at home as people choose to vacation at home instead of driving to the airports.

“A home pool can bring joy for years and also create added value for a house. So it’s an investment that more and more people are making. We had hot weather too and that helped too.

“The growth in business has allowed us to recruit and expand our team and offer many positions who had lost their jobs in the travel industry.

“We are now looking for the UK’s first dedicated Staycation Designer to help clients plan the perfect pool vacation in the comfort and safety of their own home.”

He added that in addition to a Staycation Designer, the company was looking for production and installation engineers.

He said, “Staycation Designer would suit someone in the travel industry who could help people design the perfect pool room and Staycation, and the production engineer role would suit someone with a background in the automotive or motorsport industry as they would help our pool bowls.

“To get the pools in the ground, we also need more installation engineers. This might suit someone in the construction industry.

“From a logistical point of view, the blockage was initially a problem for us as hotels were closed, which made remote jobs difficult.

“We are now safely working on the situation, and in the past few weeks pools have started adopting new practices.”

To apply for one of Compass Pools’ new positions, visit: https://www.compass-pools.co.uk/careers/