The Concrete Pool Firm wins Nationwide SPASA Spa of the Yr Award 2020

Spa of the Year: The Concrete Pool Company, Western Australia

The winning spa is part of a pool / spa combination, but runs completely independently of the lap pool. It is completely tiled with premium trend glass mosaics, which had to be skilfully cut for the seats with rolled edges. The spa also has a flat bathing edge as a continuation of the rolled infinity edge. The spa is heated with gas and controlled via a Connect 10 Smart app. Black fittings were used to complement the darker tile color.

Highly recommended: Endless Pools & Spas, Victoria

“The dual temperature combination of swimming and spa is the perfect solution for multi-purpose use all year round. Hot or cold, swim or spa – the choice is yours. Endless Spas is not just about doing the spa sales, they consult with each other to find the right spa for each customer based on the customers’ needs and interests. Whether the spa is used for hydrotherapy jet massage, exercise, entertainment, or pure relaxation, Endless can cater to your needs. ”

Highly recommended: Freedom Pools, New South Wales

This outdoor oasis is the perfect combination of functionality and design. With the latest technology and a bespoke multi-colored dip strip light, this spa is the ideal place to relax all year round.

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