Tucson pool firm’s license revoked after buyer complaints

TUCSON (KVOA) – The News 4 Tucson investigators spent nearly two months investigating complaints against Tucson-based pool company Imperial Pools & Design LLC.

Four clients signed up with N4T investigators, saying they each spent tens of thousands of dollars on a new pool but faced many unexpected delays and problems throughout the process.

“The whole process was a nightmare,” said Heather Fordyce.

“I feel trapped between a rock and a hard place,” said Rochelle Prettitore.

“I would never use him as a contractor again,” said Michael Wahl.

“I honestly don’t think he had any intention of finishing our pool,” said Catherine Savani.

Rochelle Prettitore and Catherine Savani both said they got through the majority of the payment installments for their new pools. Prettitore said she spent more than $ 48,000, Savani said she paid $ 28,000.

Prettitore said she has to wait for the job she paid for to be done.

“So we paid him almost the entire contract. The last payment we made was for the pool equipment, which we don’t have.

“We paid this fourth installment and haven’t had any more work done, and we’ve been haunted ever since,” said Savani.

Last month, N4T investigators turned to Patrick Crone about the allegations. He did an interview with us for more than an hour saying these are just dissatisfied customers who don’t understand the delays he’s faced during the pandemic.

“They just don’t like what they hear, and that’s not fair to a builder. It doesn’t matter if someone is building your driveway or a guy is building your house, there are delays,” explained Crone.

Patrick provided us with the Savani and Prettitore contracts, which contain a broad clause stating that the projects could take longer than expected due to material shortages.

Heather Fordyce actually had her pool finished, from what she says was a terrible experience. Then her pool equipment began to lose its balance. She said Crone refuses to fix it.

“We just want it to work, who knows if there will be more problems,” said Fordyce.

But Crone says he won’t fix it because the problem wasn’t caused by Imperial Pools’ work, he claims.

“I didn’t touch the deck or the drainpipes or the drainage line,” said Crone.

Michael Wahl said he spent just under $ 110,000 on his pool, which was also finished but had problems with the hot tub afterwards.

“We had a hole for months throughout the process, then shotcrete, but no progress. The tile of the whirlpool was replaced four times and is dissolving again and we are there for the fifth time, ”explains Wahl.

Wahl went to the Arizona Registrar of Contractors with his complaint, which made it to court, but his case was dismissed because Imperial Pools had done most of the work and, according to court documents, had valid justification that work on the rest was not done became.

Crone has 10 outstanding ROC complaints since 2020, with two added in the last two weeks. Last week, Crones pool and solar license were revoked by the ROC.

In an email to the News 4 Tucson Investigators, the ROC said the revocation was due to a 2020 investigation that found Imperial Pools and Design LLC failed to expertly complete the project, helping an unlicensed person and have not taken adequate corrective action as instructed in writing by the Registrar. All are violations of the revised Arizona Bylaws.

The case consisted of the consolidation of six consumer complaints from homeowners in Tucson, Vail, Oro Valley and Sahuarita that were received between May and October 2020. Crone also faces civil penalties of $ 1,500.

In a text message to the News 4 Tucson Investigators, Crone admitted hiring an unlicensed contractor, adding that he was the best Freemason he had ever met and confirmed that he is selling his company.

He agreed to another interview but withdrew a few hours before the actual meeting and instead sent us a statement. In it, he said the revocation of his license was incorrect because Imperial did a good job and also did bricklaying, he pointed out that Imperial still had a general contractor license and he intended to complete all projects. Eventually, Patrick thinks that instead of one story about Imperial Pools News 4, Tucson should investigate others in Tucson’s pool industry.

Crone informs N4T investigators that he plans to use his GC license to complete work he is not allowed to do. With a GC license, he can hire legally licensed workers to complete projects, according to the ROC. But the ROC tells N4T investigators that they are actively investigating to impose possible disciplinary action on its GC license.

Crone said he plans to complete all jobs within two to three weeks.

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