Unlicensed pool contractor leaves owners with complications

CLINTON, North Carolina (WTVD) – Installing an in-ground pool is a big investment. Several homeowners thought they hired the right man to do the job, only to find out he wasn’t even licensed for the job.

They said they had empty promises and a headache after a headache.


“A nightmare. He hasn’t done anything right,” said Charlie Tackett, a Clinton homeowner.

Tackett hasn’t crushed any words when it comes to the pool builder he hires.

“It’ll show up like two hours a week, never a full day,” Tackett said. “It’s just promise after promise after promise and nothing.”

The Tacketts said they wanted a pool all their lives. They worked hard and finally had enough money to buy one.


Charlie Tackett said he went online to SanJuanPools.com and filled out a request for a swimming pool.

You send someone to contact you and that was the guy you sent us? “Said Tackett.

“The guy” is Seth Braddy at Seth’s Landscaping, LLC in Hope Mills.

The Tacketts signed a $ 39,000 deal with Braddy in September 2016 to install a fiberglass pool in their yard.

Charlie Tackett said the work had progressed slowly. It took months but the pool was finally there and Charlie said he was hopeful.

But then he noticed a large crack at the deep end and the bottom of the pool was muddy. He also said that when they filled the pool it leaked.

Tackett said Braddy promised him it would be fixed, but he got in touch with me by June when it wasn’t fixed.

He said, “Just end it. Get out of our lives, never come back.”


I got in touch with Braddy in June and then he admitted the problems but said he would get the job done by July 4th. While Braddy took the pool off the bottom and reset it, along with fixing the leaks, the fourth of July came and went – and the job still wasn’t done.

I also contacted San Juan Pools. A representative for San Juan Pools said they only manufacture the pools and sell them through independent dealers like Braddy.

The representative said independent dealers are selling and contracting with homeowners who want a pool; The contract is not with San Juan.

He added that it clearly states on its website that San Juan is not responsible for the work of its independent dealers. He said they are overseeing the work of the independent traders and had some complaints with Braddy, but said he fixed the issues along the way.

I spoke and texted Braddy about the Tackett’s pool for several weeks and months.

He continued to give dates when he got the job done, but often he didn’t show up and get the job done. It took a lot longer than Braddy had ever promised, but he eventually got the concrete around the pool and most of the Tackett’s pool work done.

“Thank you, Diane,” said Charlie Tackett. “I appreciate that you kept the heat on him. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

There are a few smaller things to do that Braddy says he’s getting done.

Because of all the troubles, Braddy has cut $ 6,000 from the Tackett’s contract.

STATE Take action

While investigating Braddy, I learned that the North Carolina Licensing Board for general contractors is also investigating him.

Braddy is not licensed to work over $ 30,000, and not only is the tackett’s job more than $ 30,000, but he has done other jobs for more than $ 30,000 despite not being licensed.

In this declaration of consent, Braddy is no longer allowed to take on jobs for which he is not licensed.

Braddy told me he didn’t know he needed to be licensed. He said he attended the course to get a license but hadn’t taken the test yet. He claims he won’t take any more jobs than the state allows.


Recently, homeowners have filed even more complaints against Braddy.

In April, Jen Whaley signed a $ 33,500 contract with Seth’s Landscaping, LLC, also known as Aqua Pool Design.

Whaley said she paid Braddy $ 25,000 so far and was left with a mess. She said one of the walls was bent due to poor bracing and concrete support and the floor was cracked.

Another big problem: an interruption of work was announced because the relevant permits were not submitted to the district. Braddy cleared the Stop Work Notice at this point and said he wanted to work a deal with Whaley to give her some money back so she could hire someone else to finish the job.

RESEARCH who you hire

The best advice is always to research and double-check the references of the company you are hiring. If a job is greater than $ 30,000, the contractor must be licensed.

You can do a quick review with the North Carolina Licensing Board for general contractors. You can also check each company with the Better Business Bureau or the NC Attorney Generals Office. It is also advisable to check the contractor’s references and review the work that has been completed.

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