Valley pool firm says chlorine ranges, precautions key to forestall unfold of coronavirus

Families can now go to public swimming pools as part of the phases to reopen the Texan economy.

Tyler Stansberry, manager at Hamlin Pools, said there was a slowdown in services when the pandemic began, but that now more people are trying to fix or build their current pool.

Stansberry says some of the concerns swimmers should consider are where to put their towels or swim items, lounge chairs, and handrails.

Officials have no documentation of the transmission by water, but how people act in or around the pool does matter, which can lead to infection, e.g. B. if they do not practice social distancing. Public swimming pools can only be opened when the occupancy rate is 25%.

For public swimming pools, according to Stansberry, a prerequisite for operation is that the water must be tested and balanced to maintain an adequate level of plumbing.

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