Westchester County NY Inground Swimming Pool Wins 2013 “Greatest Design”

Glass Tile Pool Design Westchester County NY

Cipriano Landscape Design from Bergen County, New Jersey, has received the “Best in Competition Award” for its outstanding luxury pool in Westchester County, NY, which is known in the industry simply as “The Violin Pool”.

On October 18, 2013, the Northeast Spa and Pool Association (NESPA) hosted its annual awards dinner, recognizing the achievements of custom pool builders from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. This year alone, more than 200 qualified applicants competed for the prestigious NESPA awards for swimming pool design. However, few awards were given to candidates who showed ingenuity in the design and construction of their swimming pools. Cipriano Landscape Design from Bergen County, New Jersey, has received the “Best in Competition Award” for its outstanding luxury pool in Westchester County, NY, which is known in the industry simply as “The Violin Pool”.

The idea behind “The Violin Pool” arose when Cipriano Landscape Design was approached by a homeowner who wanted to combine his love for collecting and playing the violin with his desire for an underground swimming pool. The idea was then formulated for a swimming pool that would be an exact replica of a Stradivarius violin from the 18th century. Cipriano Landscape Design’s architectural plans therefore included all the relevant features of a violin, including strings, chin rest, bow, tail, F-holes, purflings and a bridge.

The entire violin pool was finished off with nearly half a million translucent glass tiles. Traditionally, when working from a center line, the gradient mix of glass tiles only goes in one direction. In order to give the glass tiles of the violin pool a stunning and distinctive approach, the landscape architecture department at Cipriano Landscape Design has found a way for the glass tiles in the violin cymbal to blend in all directions. To achieve this remarkable result, Cipriano’s landscape architects worked with the tile maker to number the glass tile panels from 1 to 15 based on the specific gradient transition of the glass tiles. The architects at Cipriano then used an Auto-CAD to map every single sheet of tile on the pool floor, so that the tile blended steadily from the center of the pool to each of the pool’s complex angled walls.

The “strings” of the violin consist of pitch-black glass tiles, which are connected with 5760 pieces of glass fiber. During the day, the “strings” offer a nice color contrast to the rest of the glass tiles in the pool and mark the lap tracks. As soon as dusk arrives, the glass fibers in the strings glow in a fascinating way and continue to define the lap tracks while a lighting competition is held at the same time.

The design of the fiberglass chains was also very complex, and to achieve the end result, each of the 5760 strands of fiberglass was laced through the glass tile surface. It was extraordinarily difficult to accomplish this feat while maintaining the surface attraction of the glass tile, but the glossy end product made it a worthy endeavor.

To illuminate the rest of the pool at night, Cipriano’s landscape architecture bureau designed a detail for the lighting of fiberglass ropes that would illuminate the entire boundary of the violin pool. This 350 foot fiber optic rope light is specifically designed to be recessed into the pool siding to make it invisible to those who swim in the pool during the day.

The homeowner’s inclination towards koi led to the development of the violin’s “bow”, which is represented by two koi ponds and cuts the neck of the violin bowl. The view of the koi ponds from the surrounding pool area is breathtaking, as the ponds have been equipped with multiple platforms with lily pads, water irises and other aquatic plants. The view of the ponds from the pool is just as beautiful as transparent acrylic sheets allow swimmers a clear view of the fish-filled ponds. As soon as the sun goes down, these beautiful views are enhanced on all levels by the 250 fiber optic star lights inside the koi ponds.

The integration of the acrylic panels proved extremely difficult as the installation process required the simultaneous effort of several different professional builders who had to be precisely matched in order for the panels to be properly installed. After the molds were made, the steel reinforcement was installed. After the steel, the concrete was shot to make the window cladding, after which sealing measures were installed. Finally, the tile and pond surfaces were applied separately. All of these components required detailed planning on behalf of Ciprianos landscape architects.

One of the most spectacular features of the violin pool is the “chin rest”, which is planned as a 12-person perimeter overflow spa. The spa, which is outfitted with pitch black glass tiles, not only offers the ultimate relaxation experience, but also enhances the visual beauty of the pool. The fact that it is a “Perimeter Overflow” spa simply means that the spa projects the illusion that the water it contains is constantly flowing over the edges, both into the main pool and into the terrace stone at it Outer edge. In fact, however, the water is collected in imperceptible troughs that return the water to the hot tub.

Other features of this dynamic pool include an automated control system that allows the homeowner to control all pool and landscape functions from their iPhone from anywhere in the world. The pool also includes an underwater surround sound music system, 1,000,000 BTU heater to ensure year-round use, and a Riverflow Jet system that creates a current strong enough to make you swim or even swim Go kayaking.

The violin pool is guaranteed to drop your jaws due to its technological innovation and unique design. The violin pool was also awarded the “People’s Choice Award” from NESPA, the Gold Award for “Glass Tiled Pools” and the “Exceptional Recognition for Design and Build Award”. This is the second “Best Pool Design Award” from Cipriano Landscape Design, presented in 2007 for a pool with flush edges in Saddle River, NJ.

The 14-time international award winner Cipriano Landscape Design is celebrating its 24th anniversary and differs from all other swimming pool and landscaping companies through its many years of experience. The Mahwah, NJ company offers more than just pool installation. A recognized national leader in custom landscaping, commercial, masonry, swimming pools, and water features, the New Jersey company has been providing full remodeling since 2001. With a design office led by 15 year old veteran William Moore, Certified Landscape Architect, the Cipriano team has received 75 awards since 2006 and was named one of the “Top 50 Pool Builders” in 2013 by Pool And Spa News.

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