YourSA Finest Swimming Pool Builder Winner: Keith Zars Swimming pools

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March 31, 2021 Updated: March 31, 2021 4:09 pm


YourSA Best Swimming Pool Builder Winner: Keith Zars Pools

Courtesy Keith Tsars PoolsYourSA Best Swimming Pool Builder Winner: Keith Zars Pools2of3

YourSA Best Swimming Pool Builder Winner: Keith Zars Pools

Courtesy Keith Tsars Pools3of3

Keith Zars Pools was named Best Swimming Pool Builder and Service Provider in San Antonio at this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards. Given the passion of Keith Zars, this is by no means surprising. With a friendly company, Zars is ready to continue offering only the best in pool building and related services.

Zars grew up in the pool industry, so pool building and maintenance wasn’t a new field. Based on his experience, he recognized the need for pools as an artistic expression and enjoyed the creativity that he and his team can generate for customers.

With a few hundred employees, Zars values ​​everyone on the team because everyone has something to contribute. “Everyone has different strengths, so we can combine those strengths with jobs that suit them to make the result even better. We can rely on each other’s knowledge and that brings us many advantages to make the customer happy. “

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Zars also received the Becky Oliver Lifetime Achievement Award from the Greater San Antonio Builders Association in 2020. This award is given in recognition of one of the best builders in the San Antonio area.

Like other companies, Keith Zars Pools had to adjust working conditions last year thanks to the pandemic. Many people were able to work from home so personal office staff could stay socially distant. The company did not let a single person go. In fact, they hired more people. Keith Zars Pools is currently preparing for a great future as another boom is expected.